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Our Team

  • Jill Van Horne (she/her)

    Jill Van Horne (she/her)

    Network Director

    Formerly Network Coordinator with Our Food Southeast New Brunswick, Jill Van Horne also co-chaired Food For All’s steering committee from 2017-2019, contributed to initiatives as a regional partner, and had a hand in supporting and building initiatives focused on school food, food policy, and food access. Her work in the food scene has ranged from getting her hands dirty in the garden to bringing people together with elected officials to ensure that experiences and food issues are considered at decision-making tables. This work has helped Jill develop a deeper understanding of the challenges people face in New Brunswick and beyond and the opportunities to address them through a food lens; she knows she’s but scratched the surface on these topics.

  • Genevieve Drisdelle

    Genevieve Drisdelle

    Program Manager

    Genevieve is very grateful to have been able to link her two passions; education and forming connections, through food. Her professional career has been marked with wonderful opportunities to connect deeper to nature through agriculture, to serve her community as a compassionate Registered Holistic Nutritionist and to empower others as an Instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She is overjoyed to join the beautiful folks at Food For All NB to deepen her community ties and further understand food issues in NB.

  • Maïna Béland-Rahm (they/them)

    Maïna Béland-Rahm (they/them)

    Community Food Mentor (CFM) Program Coordinator

    Whether it be through activism, creation, facilitation, coordination or day-to-day interactions, Maïna finds meaning in knowledge sharing and helping people connect and care for each other. They believe food is a source of immense power and are committed to fighting for a just food system in New Brunswick. 

  • Audrey Martin

    Audrey Martin

    Communications Coordinator

    Audrey  is driven by her love for local community and meaningful connections. Having returned to Moncton after extensive travels, Audrey's experiences have only deepened her appreciation for the unique fabric of her own local community. Through this, she gained a profound understanding of the importance of preserving and celebrating local cultures, traditions, and values. Inspired by this, Audrey actively seeks out opportunities to give back and support community-driven initiatives.

  • Himani Deshpande

    Himani Deshpande

    Communications & Digital Tools Support

    An interdisciplinary geographer who strives to find links and solutions between nature and urban environments, Himani is passionate about the intersection of agriculture and cultural food security and how they can support and strengthen local food systems. She believes creating spaces to learn and connect through food in communities plays a major role in building a inclusive, healthy and sustainable food culture.

  • Jigmet Angmo

    Jigmet Angmo

    Communications Intern

    As a university student from India, Jigmet's journey is deeply shaped by the pervasive challenges of food security, whether at Mount Allison University or recalling experiences from home. Having witnessed its direct impact on individuals and communities, Jigmet is motivated to actively contribute to alleviating this widespread problem. Passionate about social media, marketing, and food, Jigmet strives to raise awareness and foster meaningful dialogue about food security, aspiring to contribute to a world where everyone enjoys access to nutritious meals.

Steering Committee

  • Adrian (Adje) Prado

    Adrian (Adje) Prado

    Co Chair

    Adje is the Northwest Regional Service Commission’s Territorial Analyst. His tasks include the development of a regional climate change adaptation plan, advising on other elements of environmental and community sustainability and networking with collaborators and partner organizations. Adje holds three degrees from McGill University: a bachelor’s of Biology and a bachelor’s of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences as well as a master’s degree in Microbiology. In addition to environmental issues, he is passionate about social issues, and the democratization of science, information and technology.

  • Peter Cullen

    Peter Cullen

    United Way of Central NB, Host Representative

    Peter’s natural intention has always been to empower people. He taught youth and adults in Hong Kong and in Fredericton for several years, then managed teams supporting First Nations literacy learning and student well-being throughout Canada. He has also worked in designing curriculum and e-learning to help people impacted by disabilities. Removing barriers so that others can be their best selves fuels Peter’s work. He enjoys sharing his skills in human-centred design, facilitation, project management, process improvement, and performance metrics. 

    Peter collaborates with Shivering Songs Festival and Harvest Music Festival each year. When he’s not engaged in those activities, he’s likely growing vegetables, walking his dog (and cat!), and enjoying time with his family.

  • Erin Wilson

    Erin Wilson

    Erin has worked in social programs, both in the non-profit sector and government for 12 years. This work specifically supported people with prior justice system involvement, newcomers, people with a disability and older adults. Her two professional passions are people and systems. Erin supported groups targeted for oppression and quickly realized many of the barriers people faced came from inequitable systems. This led to Erin joining the public service where she began tackling complex social problems like applied research to improve aging in NB and transforming disability supports. Erin is passionate about food security including community gardening, sustainable growing practices, and food waste.

  • Molly Ryder

    Molly Ryder

    Molly Ryder is a Program Advisor at Public Health New Brunswick. Her professional background is in Public Health and Diabetes Education as a Registered Dietitian in the Upper River Valley for over 10 years. Molly is passionate about food security especially as it relates to infant and child nutrition, food banks, and health equity. 

  • Prithvi Rughwani

    Prithvi Rughwani

    Prithvi Rughwani is a dedicated professional with a passion for marketing and project
    consulting, currently serving the Government of New Brunswick's Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries, in the Marketing and Trade - Food Branch. His journey to this role has been driven by a blend of educational excellence, practical experience, and a commitment to delivering results. Prithvi completed his Master of Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick, which has helped him embark on a career that has allowed him to excel in marketing campaigns, strategy development, business growth, and the art of visualizing data. Prithvi’s diverse background equips him with a unique perspective and skill set, enabling him to tackle multifaceted challenges with creative solutions.

  • Daniel Dutton

    Daniel Dutton

    Daniel Dutton is an assistant professor in Community Health & Epidemiology at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. His current research focuses on social epidemiology and applied government policy. Most of his work is quantitative, utilizing large data sets and modeling strategies from economics and epidemiology. Currently he is interested in issues faced by those in low income like challenges around food insecurity and housing, including what role governmental policy can play in addressing those challenges.

  • Sylvie Rousselle

    Sylvie Rousselle

    Community Development Coordinator, Greater Miramichi Regional Service Commission.  After being part of the Unique Family Center Food bank in Neguac and part of the round table for Everybody eats, Sylvie’s perception around food has changed. She believes we are all  implicated in our community food systems and the values that we share amongst, makes us aware that food is what brings us  together.

  • Julie Atkinson

    Julie Atkinson

    A Registered Dietitian with a history of working in health policy, health promotion and community development Julie currently works for the New Brunswick Medical Society as a Project Specialist. She was born and raised in New Brunswick and is now raising two young children in her hometown of Fredericton. It is important to Julie that the future generations not only have access to food but also sustainable food systems. She is passionate about the health of New Brunswickers.

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