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Who are CFMs?

A Community Food Mentor is someone who:

  • has completed the CFM Training
  • has a passion for food and community
  • has an interest in sharing skills and information within the community
  • provides reliable, relevant information on food security and sovereignty in NB
  • enhances the work of individuals, community groups and organizations involved in community food initiatives

Upon graduation, Community Food Mentors will have increased their knowledge and understanding of:

  • how to address food security in their communities
  • community strengths and resources
  • food literacy, including food safety, food skills, health, climate, where our food comes from, how to grow our food, how to store our food, and how to cook our food 
  • partnerships and connections with individuals and community organizations
  • leadership and community development skills

How do Community Food Mentors help the community? 

Through their involvement in Community Food Actions, Community Food Mentors help increase: 

  • awareness and access to resources and education regarding food security, health, and climate
  • food knowledge and preparation skills
  •  access to local food
  • engaging communities to mobilize around their food security priorities  

Examples of Community Food Actions include:

  • workshops or programming on topics such as cooking, safe food handling, growing and preserving food, foraging, permaculture, and seed saving
  • hosting food safety certification training and exam
  • starting a collective kitchen, community garden, fresh food bag program, farmers market
  • community mobilization to support local procurement
  • creating opportunities to celebrate food

Interested in becoming a CFM?

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