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Food for All NB celebrates exceptional Community Food Mentors for their work and dedication by sharing their stories.

Community Food Mentors are champions who harness the power of food for positive change in their communities. To qualify as a CFM, the person has participated in and graduated from a CFM training held somewhere in New Brunswick since the CFM Program began in 2011. Community Food Mentors share their skills around food and nutrition and celebrate the connection of communities and food. They also build partnerships and strengthen people’s capacity for good food actions in their own communities.

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Goals of Featuring CFMs:

  • To recognize people who are making a difference in their community and to inspire more community food actions within the Community Food Mentor network. 
  • To celebrate the great work Community Food Mentors are doing in their communities.
  • To inspire more community champions to become Community Food Mentors by taking the CFM training.
  • To build a community of exceptional people working hard to share their knowledge and passions with others.

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