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Digging Into Food & Climate

March 10, 2021

Climate change is the most critical issue facing us here in New Brunswick and as a global community. But when we talk about climate change, food is often overlooked, even though it has immense power to engage us in positive change. In this session, we’ll hear from three speakers about the implications of climate change on food systems here in New Brunswick, food systems impacts on climate change from a life cycle perspective, and how our food can provide an entry point for learning more about the risks of climate change and taking climate action.

Speakers :

- Adrian Prado - Territorial Analyst, Northwest Regional Service Commission

- Nicole Arsenault - Interdisciplinary PhD candidate at Dalhousie University, in the School for Resource and Environmental Studies

- Dr. Louise Comeau - Honorary research associate and instructor at the University of New Brunswick, environmental consultant, and directs the Conservation Council of New Brunswick’s climate change and energy program

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